About Us

Ian Hawes, the Founder and Director of Light Fixation, has been passionate about LED technology for as long as he can remember. 

He worked in technical theatre for 10 years where he had a wide variety of jobs, including set design and construction, sound and lighting design and building maintenance.  During this time he also consulted on theatre refurbishments and renovated two houses.  Ian now has a wealth of technical knowledge, understands construction and building maintenance and also has a keen eye for design.

In 2015, Ian felt that the technology in LED lamps had advanced to a stage where they were consistently reliable, the dimming was subtle enough and the colour temperatures could match the old style lamps.  In addition, they had finally become cost effective. This was the catalyst to leave his job in theatre and set up Light Fixation.

Light Fixation regularly works with bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes to convert their lighting to LED technology.  As LED lamps can create cosy intimate spaces as well as bright open areas, they are ideally suited to establishments which need to change the atmosphere at different times of day.

However, our clients are not limited to this sector, and whatever industry you are in, we can provide an LED solution for you.

We have different dimming rigs in our office where we regularly test and compare lamps on various domestic and commercial dimmers, to ensure that we only supply and install the best lamps available on the market.  We have built up great relationships with LED lamp manufacturers, which enables us to offer our customers very competitive rates.

We are based in London but work across the UK and pride ourselves on being knowledgeable, friendly and efficient.  We provide a full service to convert companies to LED technology, including site surveys, cost comparisons and the supply and installation of lamps.