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Frequently Asked Questions About LEDs

Are LED lamps fully dimmable?
They can be. There are thousands of lamps available on the market and like any product there are some that are better than others. At Light Fixation we regularly test and compare lamps on various domestic and commercial dimmers to ensure that we only supply and install the best lamps that can dim smoothly to very low levels.

Do I need a special dimmer to dim LEDs?
If you have a commercial dimmer pack with multiple channels it is likely that it will be compatible with most LED lamps.  We have the knowledge and expertise to advise on dimmer configurations and loading.  If you have a domestic style rotary dimmer it is likely that this will need changing, however modern dimmers are cheap and programmable in order to get the best out of your LED lamps.

Can I use LED lamps in my current light fittings?
Generally it is fine to retrofit LED lamps, however the dimming would need to be thought about first as the wattage is often a lot lower than with halogen or tungsten lamps.  If not calculated properly, the LEDs can flicker or strobe.

How long will my LED lamps last for?
Depending on the style of the lamps you choose they can last between 25,000 hours and 50,000 hours.  50,000 hours is the equivalent of 16 hours a day for just over 8 years.

How much money can I expect to save?
A lot!  A great example is to compare a 50w halogen spotlight with a 5w LED spotlight. The swap would: - reduce electricity costs by 90%, saving approximately £30 a year, per lamp; - save on lamp changes: the halogen lamp would need to be replaced 10-12 times in the same lifetime of the LED (which could cost 3 times more than a single LED purchase).

Do LED lamps look the same as halogen and tungsten lamps?
There are many types of LEDs – some that mimic halogen and tungsten, but others that have their own look and feel. We can advise on the type of lamp that would be best for you.

Are all LED lamps made from plastic?
No. Depending on their application, many LED lamps still have a glass envelope as it is easier to produce and gives the lamp a more classic finish.

Do LED’s produce heat?
Yes, most electronic components produce heat and LEDs are no exception. Generally, the higher the wattage of the LED, the hotter the lamp will get. However they don’t produce nearly as much heat as a tungsten or halogen lamp.

Do LED lamps ever fail?
Yes. Sometimes they can get damaged in manufacturing, shipping or installation. All the lamps we sell have warranties of between 2 and 5 years and we keep spares in stock so we can replace any lamps quickly and easily.

What will happen to my old lamps?
We will remove your old lamps from site and recycle them.  We also take away and recycle all of the new lamp's packaging.

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